Places For Visiting In Jawhar


Dabosa Waterfall

Dabhosa falls,another attractive waterfall in Jawhar on the Lendi River,is well known and placed perfectly to soothe one's body and mind with is scenic and soothing beauty. The gushing water cascading from the rock faces makes this waterfall highly attractive.


Hanuman Point

On the east side of the jawhar city is an old temple of lord Hanuman, surrounded of dark forest of cactus, giving its name Katya Maruti Mandir. The temple is surrounded by a deep valley of nearly 500 feet on three sides. This is known as Hanuman Point.



The Shirpamal,a structure created at the top of a hill, is said to have been built three centuries ago when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj chose to camp here en-route to surat.It is the very place where the first Vikramshah,the king of Jawhar kingdom had welcomed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and put a feather in his crown.


Khadkhad Dam

This is one of the major dams near jawhar city with beautiful sceinic locations.The place provides a peaceful natural ambience to soothe a tired mind & body.besides this excess water of dam flows through the huge rocks(just ahead the dam) which can be seen in form of a waterfall.We are sure,its beauty will absolutely enthrall you!!


The Jai Vilas Palace

The majestic Jai Vilas Palace,also known as Raj Bari was the residential palace of kings of Mukane family. The palace was build by Raje Yashwant Rao Mukane.The stone used for this is syinite which was brought from Kalidhond 5 kms from away.The palace is master piece of pink stone.


Sunset Point

Sunset Point is the natural attractive point in Jawhar.The place is picturesque and the ambience is cool and clam.The view of sunset is thezenith faraway in the distance, is a wonderful eye catching view.Tourists visiting this special sunset platform never miss the opportunity of this breathtaking view.


Kal Mandavi Waterfall

It is the 100 meter heightst natures miracle.the waterfall is for 365 is a natural waterfall whole beauty will enthrall of the best known spots for trekking,rock climbing and even is just 10 km from our resort.


Jai Sagar Dam

Built in 1956 by the Royal Family,this dam is silent witness to the royal family's dedication for their subject's well being. One cannot forget the entire cost of building this dam was borne by the royal family,even after their royal facilities were discontinued by the government.